Claxton Castle, Norfolk…

Claxton Castle is tucked away in the Norfolk village of Claxton some eight miles south-east of the city of Norwich. A licence to crenellate was granted to Sir William de Kerdeston by King Edward III in 1333.

The castle at Claxton remained in the de Kerdeston family until 1446 when Sir Thomas de Kerdeston died, the castle then passed to William de la Pole, Marquis of Suffolk. It has been suggested that the castle at Claxton was owned at some point by Anne of Cleve’s, one of Henry VIII’s wives, and that she lived there for a time.

Some time after this the castle at Claxton is believed to have fallen into a ruminated state. It was at this time a Tudor manor house will built on the site of the castle.

Later in the 17th Century, much of Claxton Castle was demolished and much of the stone was used in the construction of a manor house that sits on the site currently.

Some ruins of the castle can be seen to this very day. Part of one of the walls and one of the towers remain intact.

The castle can be viewed from the road and is a private residence.

Claxton Castle, Norfolk
Claxton Castle, Norfolk