Longthorpe Tower, Cambridgeshire…

Longthorpe Tower is located in the Longthorpe suburb of Peterborough. Built around 1290 – 1300, the tower was added to a house already in existence on the orders of Robert Thorpe. The buildings consisted of the tower, the cross-wing which was two storeys tall, the great hall, and the service rooms and kitchen.

Built for symbolic and as well for defensive purposes, the tower has three floors, each with their own use. The tower is accessed by a set of wooden stairs and a doorway that would have originally been a window on the first floor. With the original entrance to the tower being blocked up. This first floor also contains one of the finest sets of medieval wall paintings in northern Europe.

Today, the tower is managed by English Heritage, check for opening times.

Longthorpe Tower
Longthorpe Tower
Longthorpe Tower Painting
Longthorpe Tower Painting
Longthorpe Tower Painting
Longthorpe Tower Painting

4 thoughts on “Longthorpe Tower, Cambridgeshire…

  1. i haven’t been here yet, despite it being fairly close to me. love your work, nice to see someone else who shares my love of castles


      • I love Duxford, I am able to get free tickets from time to time so go several times a year. Churches are also great, I love the history interesting


      • I get free entry to Duxford too as I live in Whittlesford. If you are into churches, you should visit Duxford Chapel which is right near the Station in Whittlesford.


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